Our wine cave


Tradition and modernity together

Going from vine to wine takes time.   The clusters of grapes are harvested and sorted by hand, pressed delicately and aged with patience in our cellars.

From 1920 to today, wooden wine barrels dating from 1899 and stainless-steel, temperature-controlled wine vats are used after careful study and research to best preserve each variety of grapes.

The quality of the grapes is optimised by pressing the entire grape in a pneumatic press.  This process is used to ensure the integrity of the berry and to avoid crushing.

Our wines are then left to age on fine dregs in order to naturally intensify the feeling of boldness and softness on the palate.

Generations pass, wines age.....Each has had their turn to continue tradition and share their passion for creating wines destined to give a moment of pure pleasure!

4 générations de vignerons

bouchons plastique et liège

Traditional cork vs plastic cork...the game

Traditional or Plastic cork ? Each method has got its advantage....and its disadvantages

dépot de tartre

Crystals in the bottom of the wine

Occasionally, crystals of tartaric acid can form in the bottom of the bottle...

bouteille de vin

"Instant H" will replace "Mittelwihr"

A revision of the "Appelations d'Origine Contrôlée" recognizes 11 "Appelation Communales"....